To bring the best of authentic herbs and spices to people so that they get the right flavor and benefit of our products.


Create an ecosystem of Indian and international herbs and spices for all industries to achieve maximum benefits and usage of all products.


At DKC Tradex, we are committed to have healthy work practices and packaging for all our products to maintain their natural benefits.

Our History

DKC Tradex Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading companies in the processing & sorting of herbs, spices, and seeds in India. It is one of the few facilities which blend modern production technology and advanced quality measures into the area of herbs. DKC was started with the mission of ready-to-use material for the clients. Our objective of making customers happy and healthy through authentic Ayurvedic Herbs.

DKC was started in 1993 under the true vision of The Founder of Company Late Sh. Devendra Kumar Singhal & Sh. Mukesh Kumar Jain with Great Leadership Skills.

Currently, we are exporting to Afghanistan, UAE, Canada, Bangladesh, Nepal, Burma, etc. and consistently achieving repeated orders and maintaining our trust with our stakeholders and buyers.

Our Responsibility

DKC Tradex is India's No. 1 herbs manufacturing brand. We offer a wide range of over 750 variety of herbs & spices (whole spices and blends) with over fifty-two years of dedication to maintain the same standards of purity, freshness and authenticity in every pack, getting their aroma and flavor, consistently right.

DKC great taste of purity is backed up with research, innovation and technology. The success lies in reaching the heart of India's culinary world with its spices and perfect blends.

To deliver the freshest, just-out-of-the-factory spices, DKC has developed a highly efficient C&F agent-distributor-retailerconsumer distribution model to make these herbs and spices readily available in the shortest possible time across the country and around the world.

For more information, please write us at info@dkctradex.com